You have goals. Think about them. Looking to get back to a previous figure? Striving to find new friends and acquaintances? Smile more? Re-discover some muscles you once saw in the mirror? Feel the wind in your hair? Go faster and ride farther than your friends?

Whatever your goals, Joyriders wants to guide you to achieving your mission. Three versions of the program, for three different types of goals.  You choose which sounds like you.

Pre-Register for SUMMER 2019

Lackawanna Cruisers

Meet new local riders
Discover and explore new trails
Stay active and get moving
Understand the rules of the road/trail
Get outside more
Smile more and regain confidence
Ride for 1-2 hours (with rest breaks)

Quick Details: 
80% bike trail riding
Starts March
Prerequisites: None

Parkway Pedalers

Meet new local riders
Find new courses and routes to ride
Push yourself to ride further
Increase your fitness/endurance
Drop a few pounds
Be comfortable on the roads
Learn to climb hills faster/easier
Ride 3-5 hours (with rest breaks)

Quick Details: 
40% trail riding / 60% road riding
Starts March
Prerequisites: Be able to ride 30-40 minutes

Highway Grinders

Find new riding partners
Explore country roads
Increase your speed/efficiency
Get your heart rate up
Perfect your cycling skills
Crosstrain for increased power
Tone muscles
Ride 65-100 miles

Quick Details:
90% road riding
Starts March
Prerequisites: Be able to ride 90 minutes (@12-14mph)


Q. I'm pretty sure I'm not fast enough for any of these programs, what do I do?
A. Sign up and show up! The Joyrider programs are developmental programs to help you achieve your goals. The coaches won't leave you behind and you will always have someone to ride with. Our Lakawanna Cruisers are perfect for riders who just want to ride the trails and build their distance without worrying about speed at all. Or, if you want to push a little harder, jump in with the Parkway Pedalers

Q. I feel like I'm between two programs, which one do I choose?
A. We always recommend to GO FOR IT! Sign up for the "bigger" one, but it is completely up to you.  We will also allow you to transition to a different program if you find that the one you signed up for isn't a great fit for you.

Q. Do I need a certain bike to do any of the Joyrider programs?
A. Nope. You do need a bike and we strongly suggest a bicycle with gears (especially for the Parkway Pedalers and Highway Grinders).  We also suggest having your bike inspected to ensure it is safe to ride (especially if you haven't ridden it in a while).

Q. Do we just ride? Or are there any classes or clinics to help me learn about my bike?
A. We definitely have clinics. All of the clinics for all of the programs will be open to everyone in any program.  A small sampling of the clinics we'll cover would be: How to Shift and Why, How should your bike fit and why it matters, Basic Maintenance and Repair, Rules of the Road (and Trail).

Q. I'm interested, but I want to learn more about the program. How can I?
A. You have a few different options: 

1. You can stop by the store and any of our employees can give you more information on the program and answer your questions.

2. You can shoot us an email at and we'll answer any questions you might have.

3. Come to an information session.  We will be scheduling information sessions where you can meet some of the coaches and ask all the questions you may have.