Group Rides

We have group rides geared for all skill levels, from the budding recreational cyclist to the experienced roadie. We stick to a no rider left behind policy, and all rides are led/monitored by our experienced Trek Ambassadors. No matter how you ride, you should be here.

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Roadie Ride

The Roadie Ride is our most advanced group ride, with average speeds from 12 to 20 mph, and distances from 20-35 miles. The ride splits into three groups, with one going 30-35 miles at 18-20 mph, another going 25-30 miles at 15-17 mph, and the no-drop group goes 18-22 miles at 12-14 mph. The ride leaves Trek at 6 pm, and usually returns between 7:15 and 7:45 pm. The ride consists of some bike trail riding, but mostly open roads. Only the 12-14 mph group is no-drop.


  • Must have and wear a bike helmet
  • Must have and use both front and rear bicycle lights
  • Must be comfortable at 12+ mph

Pint Ride

This year, we're partnering with New Oberpfalz Brewing Company to put on our all-new Pint Night Ride. The ride is about 35 minutes (6.5 miles) each way. is 80% bike trail, and is guided by our experienced Trek Store Ambassadors. Please drink responsibly. And yes, that means no beer in your Camelbak. Every rider is provided with a ticket to turn in with any food or beverage purchase prompts the brewery to donate $2 to Dunes Learning Center.


  • Family friendly (bring your brothers, sisters, parents, kids, and cousin Eddie)
  • Must wear a bike helmet
  • Must have both front and rear bicycle lights
  • Lock is recommended, but not mandatory

Rise and Grind

The Rise and Grind is a casual cruise up the Erie-Lackawanna bike trail to Sip Coffee House in Highland for breakfast. The ride is about 45 minutes (8.5 miles) each way, and consists of roughly 80% bike trail. The ride leaves Trek at 8:30 am every Saturday, and spends about an hour at Sip before heading back. All ages are welcome to join this family friendly group ride.


  • Family friendly (bring your kids, nephews, nieces, and crazy uncle Jerry)
  • Must wear a bike helmet
  • Locks recommended, but not required
  • Ride is FREE, does not include breakfast

Pre-registration Encouraged