Group Rides

We have group rides geared for all skill levels, from the budding recreational cyclist to the experienced roadie. We stick to a no drop* policy. All rides are led/monitored by our experienced Trek Ambassadors. No matter how you ride, you should be here.

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Fall/Winter Events

These events will take place November - February.

Spin Class

Join us every Wednesday evening at 6 pm for spin class! Bring your own trainer or rent one for $10, and learn new trainer exercises. Each $10 rental will go towards the purchase of your own trainer.


  • YOUR bike
  • Indoor trainer (if you don't own one you can rent one)

Dates to be determined

Winter Breakfast Ride

No matter the weather, we'll be riding every Saturday morning! Join us at 9 am, November - February, to face the cold, beat the chill, and eat some of the best french toast in the Midwest!


  • Helmet
  • Cold weather gear
  • An appetite!

Spring/Summer/Fall Events

These events will take place March - October.

Roadie Ride

The Roadie Ride is a weekly training ride that explores rural sections of North West Indiana. Routes will be changing as daylight becomes more available
The focus of this ride is to help new "roadies" get comfortable with group riding. The distance isn't too long and the pace is comfortable. We are happy to help out and teach basic group riding skills such as riding a pace line. Looking for someone to ride with? Join us! We love showing others the best routes in the area, introducing cyclists to new riding buddies, and simply having a great time  on two wheels together.


  • Must have and wear a bike helmet
  • Must have and use both front and rear bicycle lights
  • Must be comfortable at 12+ mph
  • Roadie Ride meets every Thursday at 6 p.m.

Pint Ride

This year, we're partnering with New Oberpfalz Brewing Company to put on our all-new weekly Pint Night Ride. The ride is about 35 minutes (6.5 miles) each way. is 80% bike trail, and is guided by our experienced Trek Store Ambassadors. Please drink responsibly. And yes, that means no beer in your Camelbak. Every rider is provided with a ticket to turn in with any food or beverage purchase that prompts the brewery to donate $2 to the Dunes Learning Center.


  • Family friendly (bring your brothers, sisters, parents, kids, and cousin Eddie)
  • Must wear a bike helmet
  • Must have both front and rear bicycle lights
  • Lock is recommended, but not mandatory
  • Pint Night Ride is every Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Rise and Grind

The Rise and Grind is a casual cruise up the Erie-Lackawanna bike trail to Sip Coffee House in Highland for breakfast. The ride is about 45 minutes (8.5 miles) each way, and consists of roughly 80% bike trail. The ride leaves Trek at 9:00 am every Saturday, and spends about an hour at Sip before heading back. All ages are welcome to join this family friendly group ride.


  • Family friendly (bring your kids, nephews, nieces, and crazy uncle Jerry)
  • Must wear a bike helmet
  • Locks recommended, but not required
  • Ride is FREE, does not include breakfast
  • Rise and Grind is every Saturday at 9a.m.

Pre-registration Encouraged

*What Does "No Drop" Mean?
No drop is a classification of group ride in which you WILL NOT be left behind
or "dropped" from the group in the event you are unable to maintain the average
speed. Should you fall behind, our staff group ride sweeper will be your personal escort to ensure you return to the shop safely.