University of Trek

University of Trek is a collection of classes and clinics put together to teach basic bicycle maintenance and safety. Each class is about an hour long and open to ALL regardless of skill level or bike style.

Flat Tire Workshop*

Join us in learning how to avoid trail mishaps and how to properly repair a flat tire. Items needed for the workshop are as follows:

  • Your Bicycle
  • Yourself
  • Tools to Remove Wheels
  • Tire Levers
  • Spare Tube

We will provide pumps as well as instruction. All items are available for purchase at The Trek Bicycle Store. *See schedule for assorted dates

Bike Cleaning Class

Tired of having a dirty bike? Want to be the envy of your cycling friends? Join us while we learn together how to keep our bikes clean and tidy. Included in the fee of the class you will receive a Park Tool Chain Gang chain cleaning system, One Liter of Muc-Off Bike Wash and instruction on how to utilize each object. The class is $45 and requires you to bring your bike. Come get squeaky clean with us!

Bicycle Trail Safety

We all know there is safety in numbers, but what do you do when you are riding by yourself? Thankfully we know people who have the answer! Join us as two former Police Officers teach us how to stay safe on the trails. The class is FREE and requires simple attendance, see you there!

4 to 2 Kids Training Wheel Class

422-KIDS was designed and taught by a former Aqua-Tots instructor and uses an easy to follow, easy to understand method for teaching your child how to ride on two wheels. Each class is an hour long, includes a snack break and is $25 per child.